Corporate Gifts & Souvenirs

For companies that are looking for very special Christmas or event gifts that are produced locally and in a sustainable way we offer our product line Rafineturi. Rafineturi s a word creation, a Romanian reinvention of the French word “Rafinesse”. Everything is prepared at Grigorescu Mansion in Buzau valley in a traditional way without any preservatives or colourants. Our philosophy is based on the slow food concept with fresh, regional, and high-quality products– everything is grown organically. Herbs, truffles, mushrooms, and forest fruits we find directly behind our house in the Carpathian Forest.”
Currently, the Rafineturi portfolio includes more than 10 products, e.g

  • Truffle Zacusca
  • Elderberry jam with Feateasca Neagra
  • Honey with truffles
  • Apricot jam with rosemary
  • Truffle salt
  • Strawberry jam with ginger
  • Apricot jam with rosemary
  • Chili jam
  • Quince confit
  • Quince jam with rose geranium
  • Truffle salt

One of the flagship products and inventions is elderberry jam with Feateasca Neagra, a Romanian red wine from Dealu Mare wine. The best-selling product is a handcrafted and hand-painted wooden box that includes 3 selected products.
Our Rafineturi products can be combined with wines from Dealu Mare region or special edition culinary books. 

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