1930 – 2024: The Story of Grigorescu Mansion

Historical Significance and Architectural Style 

Conacul Grigorescu, situated in Buzău County, Romania, is a distinguished mansion exemplifying the neo-Brâncovenesc architectural style. Constructed in 1930 by the landowner Constantin C. Grigorescu, the mansion rapidly became a popular gathering spot for the elite of the time. Over the years, it played a significant role in the local economy, with its lands being primarily used for the production of local wine and cognac.

The Mansion During War and Communist Regime 

During World War II, Conacul Grigorescu was pivotal to the community, serving both as a hospital for wounded soldiers and a refuge for local residents. In the communist era, the building remained private property. Additionally, the annex of the mansion, known as “Bodegul Soimului,” was frequently used as an event space for village weddings and celebrations.

Post-Revolution Decline and Renovation 

After the 1989 Revolution, the mansion and its annexes were neglected and fell into ruin. In 2011, it was bought by us, Juranda and Thorsten, marking the commencement of an extensive restoration process that took 10 years. The renovation emphasized the use of locally sourced materials, aligning with sustainability principles and reducing environmental impact.

Recycling and Reconditioning

The mansion was transformed into the private house of the owners and seat of the company Terra Carpatica.

The annexes were renovated or newly built in the old Wallachian style and transformed into a guest-house. All rooms were furnished with recycled and reconditioned items, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. For instance, 80 years old wooden barrels were used for the ground floors of all rooms.

Discovery of Historical Documents

During the renovation, important documents and photographs from the early 20th century were uncovered. These included medical records, agricultural documents, and photographs, providing valuable insights into the economic and social life of the Berca area during that period. These items were handed over to the County Museum Buzau for detailed analysis.

Recent Developments and Opening

The guest-house at Conacul Grigorescu was opened in 2019, offering visitors an authentic place to stay. During the pandemic, the estate underwent further expansion, adapting to new challenges and opportunities. In 2020, “The Shop – Rafineturi – Fine Food from Grigorescu Mansion” was opened, showcasing the mansion’s commitment to quality and the slow food movement.

Present-Day Conacul Grigorescu 

Today, Conacul Grigorescu stands as a testament to successful restoration and reuse. Under our stewardship, the mansion and its annexes has been revived to its original splendor. The mansion now serves as the headquarters of Terra Carpatica, promoting artisanal food products and the slow food philosophy in the Buzău region. Five apartments were created in the annexes of the estate, along with amenities such as a heated pool and spaces for private events, cooking classes and farm-to-table experiences.

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