Top 10 tourism attractions of Buzău

Grigorescu Mansion, located at the gateway of the UNESCO Global Geopark Buzau in Berca commune, is perfectly positioned just 10 km from the start of the renowned Dealu Mare Wine area (Zoresti vineyards). Both these remarkable destinations are conveniently accessible from our locations, offering a perfect base to explore the top attractions of Buzau County.

  1. Muddy Volcanoes (Vulcanii Noroioși): Witness the moon-like landscape of the Muddy Volcanoes, a unique geological phenomenon where earth and gas eruptions create surreal formations.
  2. Dealu Mare Wine Region: Explore the ‘Tuscany of Romania’, renowned for its rich vineyards and exquisite wine-tasting experiences (e.g. Lacerta, Domeniile Franco-Romane, Domeniile Sahateni, SERVE).
  3. Amber Museum in Colți: Discover the only amber museum in Romania, showcasing a fascinating collection of amber artifacts and history.
  4. Cave churches of Buzau: Explore the historical and spiritual significance of these unique cave churches, carved into the hills of Buzau.
  5. Hills of Naeni, including Biserica Dintr-o Piatră (The Stone Church) and the open-air sculpture camp of Naeni: Enjoy the most beautiful mountain panoramas in Buazau County.
  6. Ciolanu Monastery: Visit this serene spiritual retreat, featuring ancient frescoes and a tranquil setting amidst lush forests.
  7. The Sculpture Camp of Măgura: Explore this outdoor museum showcasing a collection of stone sculptures by artists from around the world.
  8. The Salt Mountains of Meledic: Marvel at these unique geological formations made of salt, creating a landscape of rare beauty.
  9. Living Fires of Lopătari (Focul Viu): Be amazed by the natural gas seeps igniting spontaneous flames on the ground, a rare and captivating sight.
  10. Siriu Lake and Dam: Enjoy the scenic views and peaceful ambiance of Siriu Lake, perfect for a day of relaxation or exploration

Each of these attractions offers a unique glimpse into the natural beauty and cultural richness of Buzau County, making them must-visit destinations during your stay at Grigorescu Mansion.

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