Terra Carpatica is not a simple business for us – it’s a sustainable lifestyle concept. The French call it “terroir” – environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, that give its unique flavour and aroma to high quality products that grow in a regional area.
We, Juranda and Thorsten, a German-Romanian couple, decided in 2011 to start a new chapter in our life, to move from Bucharest and to buy the abandoned Grigorescu Mansion. That’s when Terra Carpatica was born.
Terra Carpatica aims to promote the unspoiled culinary treasures of the Carpathian Mountains, one of Europe´s most amazing natural environments. We believe that Romania’s flora and fauna has an extraordinary potential to deliver natural, healthy and premium food. But many traditions kept over decades are falling into oblivion with the success of imported and convenience food.
Slow Food
Our philosophy is based on the slow food concept with fresh, regional and high-quality products. That´s why we only work with selected local farmers, small producers, hunters and wine producers of Buzau. The majority of fruits and vegetables we use come from our own garden and orchards – everything is  grown organically. Herbs, truffles, mushrooms and forest fruits we find directly behind our house in the Carpathian forest. We are initiators of the Slow Food Community Buzau Land which is accredited as part of the international Slow Food Network.   

Our ambition is to combine old forgotten Romanian food traditions with an international touch in order to create a unique fusion cuisine: Taste the different side of Romania!
Grigorescu mansion is the head office of Terra Carpatica. It is the place where we life and work – a family-run venue where we share our culinary passion with our guests. We are looking forward to welcome you at our estate.
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