Our Slow Food & Travel Concept

We, Juranda and Thorsten, a German-Romanian couple, decided in 2011 to start a new chapter in our lives, to move from Bucharest and to buy the abandoned Grigorescu Mansion. That’s when Terra Carpatica, our food and travel company, was born.

Life at the Mansion

The mansion is where we live and work, the headquarters of Terra Carpatica – a family run place where we share our culinary passion with our guests. It’s not just a business for us – it’s a sustainable lifestyle concept based on what we find in the earth around us.

The French call it “terroir” – the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, that give quality produce grown in a regional area its unique flavour and aroma. Our aim is to promote the unspoilt culinary treasures of the Carpathians, one of Europe’s most amazing natural environments. We believe that Romania’s flora and fauna have an extraordinary potential to provide natural, healthy and high quality food. However, many traditions that have been preserved for decades are being forgotten due to the success of imported and convenience foods.

The Slow Food Movement: Our Core Philosophy

At the heart of our ethos lies the Slow Food principle, emphasizing fresh, regional, and superior quality ingredients. Our collaboration with select local farmers, artisans, and winemakers from Buzau is a testament to this commitment. The majority of our produce, including fruits and vegetables, are harvested organically from our own gardens and orchards. The Carpathian forest, just a stone’s throw away, is a treasure trove of herbs, truffles, mushrooms, and forest fruits.

As proud initiators of the Slow Food Community Buzau Land, we are an accredited member of the international Slow Food Network. Our culinary ambition marries forgotten Romanian culinary traditions with international flavors, creating an fusion cuisine that offers a distinct taste of Romania.

Our Guest-House: A Haven for Slow Travel

In 2019, we opened our guest-house in the annexes of Grigorescu Mansion, envisioning a space where guests could engage with the local culture and cuisine. This initiative represents our commitment to offering a tranquil retreat that blends gastronomic experiences with the essence of slow travel. As part of the experience, we encourage visits to the nearby UNESCO Geopark, allowing guests to appreciate the region’s natural beauty.

Exclusive Farm-to-Table Offerings

Our esteemed guests are treated to an array of farm and homemade delicacies, including:

  • Homemade Bread
  • Babic (Spicy Cold Cuts from Buzau)
  • Homemade Prosciutto
  • Goat Cheese and Goat Cheese with Truffles
  • Matured Cheese
  • Smoked Trout from the Buzau River
  • Butter with Truffles
  • A Variety of Vegetarian Products

We warmly invite you to experience the flavors and ambiance of our estate and share our passion for Slow Food!